What Is The
Soul Sanctuary?
The Soul Sanctuary is not a program. 
 It is a place.
A place existing both inside and outside of time to connect to one's true self.
To find love and acceptance, guidance and support.
Where the activities of everyday life tend to clutter the mind and block the heart,
The Soul Sanctuary offers respite - a place of contemplation and meditation, where
the mind can find peace and the heart can heal.
We are a place of learning. Where minds and hearts are allowed the space to change, feel, and flow together in coherence.
Kay Littlejohn
Kay Littlejohn
Founder of The Soul Sanctuary

As a Spirit Worker and the Facilitator of The Soul Sanctuary, I channel and flow with Energies, Guides and Oracles in order to bring Healing to the Soul with my primary focus as being available to provide different healing methods and modalities to each seeking individual.
Our Services
bulletOracle Card Readings
Various card readings to help identify where your life's path has taken you and where that path is leading with emphasis on Tarot, Astrology, and Moonology. Angel card readings are also available and facilitated by Soul Sanctuary mentor Billy Littlejohn.
bulletChakra & Energy Work
Using meditation as a guide to understanding the primary energy centers of the body, and crystals to help move energy through the chakras to bring about wholeness.
bulletInfinite Possibilities & Life Coaching
Mike Dooley's acclaimed course on “The Universe Talks” changing our “thoughts” which manifest into “things”. Uniquely customized for the individual who seeks to manifest life's dreams and goals.
bulletNutritional Guidance
Internationally certified as a Natural Health Practitioner with 25+ years experience in the nutritional health and well being community.
bulletHeart Math Facilitator
For more than 25 years, Heart Math Institute has been researching the heart-brain connection and learning how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health. Studies conducted with over 11,500 people have shown improvement in mental and emotional well-being in just 6 to 9 weeks using Heart Math training and technology.
bulletPersonality Profile
Customized using various methods that suit the client best. Learn how you relate to others and how others relate to you.
bulletQuantum Readings with Daniel Moore
For Past Life Regression and Full Medium Readings, visit Daniel's website at 
We do not set prices for our services. Instead, please pay what you feel is right for you.
Your generosity helps us to provide the space and resources needed to help anyone in need of the support we have to offer.
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Phone appointments as well as in-person consultations are available.
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