What is the
Soul Sanctuary?

The Soul Sanctuary is not a program. 
 It is a place.
A place existing both inside and outside of time to connect to one's true self.
To find love and acceptance, guidance and support.
Where the activities of everyday life tend to clutter the mind and block the heart,
The Soul Sanctuary offers respite - a place of contemplation and meditation, where the mind can find peace and the heart can heal.
We are a place of learning, where minds and hearts are allowed the space to change, feel, and flow together in coherence.
Kay Littlejohn
Kay Littlejohn
Founder of The Soul Sanctuary

As a Spirit Worker and the Facilitator of The Soul Sanctuary, I channel and flow with Energies, Guides and Oracles in order to bring Healing to the Soul with my primary focus as being available to provide different healing methods and modalities to each seeking individual.
Our Services
bulletOracle Card Readings
bulletNutritional Guidance
bulletInfinite Possibilities
bulletSpiritual & Energy Work
bulletLife Coaching
bulletConnections to Other Spirit & Light Workers' Services
Contact Us
While there is no charge for services, donations are accepted. Phone appointments as well as in-person consutlations are available.
(864) 202-1835
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